Dresser or bureau?

„Sol“ von Team 7

Apr 1, 2016
Photos © Team7

Kleine Schreibtische liegen im Trend.

The important thing first: There’s a secret compartment! In fact “Sol” by Team 7 has more to offer besides. Because it is available both as a desk on four legs that can stand for itself in any room, or as a dresser with two legs ready to be rested again at wall; the standalone’s leather-covered rear top is especially catching. Either way the underlying idea consists of two pull-out trays, the one inserted into the other, the one made of natural wood the other covered with leather.

The desk discretely houses many a practical detail. There’s a power socket with an USB port, an inductive “Qi” loading function for mobile phones, small boxes for all manner of utensils and a pencil rest milled into the solid wood. A tube made of “Stricktex” bundles all those loose cables and to top it all there’s a top with integrated lighting. Not to forget the secret compartment.

So one can fairly say that “Sol” is an ideal companion for all parts of the home, whether you need to sit down to work or to do your hair, it’s bound to go well. And “Sol” does Team 7’s hallmark proud – namely a passion for genuine pure natural wood. Whether it can therefore be said to be masculine or feminine in character is a moot point. Decide for yourself. (tw)