e15 2022: ILMA

Solid wood, soft leather and an alternation of autonomy and togetherness in the design: the "Ilma" armchair by Jonas Lutz for e15 underlines the furniture manufacturer's focus on essential materials and forms.

"Ilma" by Jonas Lutz for e15 consists of a square solid wood frame made of European oak or walnut, which is native to Europe, and a wide strip of velvety soft belt leather on which you can sit. In the natural, brandy and black finishes, it offers a robust and comfortable seat. Meanwhile, you can lean your back against the generous, slightly curved backrest, which is attached to the frame with two struts, provides ideal support for the body and is also covered in leather. When the chair is not in use, the leather belt forms an almost straight line. The firm stand of "Ilma" is ensured by four rounded chair legs, which are made of the same wood as the frame and thus form a harmonious finish. Each element of "Ilma" has its own presence, appears independent and, in interaction, results in an unusually clear form, for which Jonas Lutz has thought the classic armchair further. (am)