Room within a room

The "EchoBox®" from ECHOJAZZ is a flexible solution for difficult acoustic conditions in open office spaces.

Open office spaces have many communicative and collaborative advantages. However, the acoustic conditions often pose a challenge when using them. Noise in the form of telephone conversations, for example, impairs concentration and often causes stress among employees. To remedy this, the Swiss manufacturer of acoustic absorbers ECHOJAZZ has now developed a flexible retreat for telephone calls or video conferences: The so-called "EchoBox®" is designed like a room within a room and, thanks to a foldable stool, can be used for conversations while sitting or standing. It is also suitable for online meetings, as a laptop or documents can be stored in the integrated height-adjustable tray.

The "EchoBox®" is composed of an aluminum frame and the "EchoBoard®" acoustic absorber, which are connected by magnetic connectors. Together, they form a unit that impresses with its unobtrusive design. There is a choice of 21 colors for the "EchoBoard®" and three different colors for the aluminum frame. Thanks to its acoustic properties, the "EchoBoard®" acoustic absorber creates an optimal focus space and thus significantly increases acoustic well-being. It is made of 100 percent PET with a recycled content of at least 74 PET bottles per square meter. Thanks to the magnetic connection, the "EchoBox®" can be assembled and disassembled in just a few steps and without any tools at all – the seven parts that make it up weigh a total of just 42 kilograms. It enables a variety of configurations and helps planners to develop acoustically sensible room scenarios.