Even better than at home
Dec 12, 2014
Bright and welcoming: the gleaming façade of the “White Company” store. Photo © Dalziel + Pow

The new “White Company” store in Norwich in East Anglia in England is a perfect example when it comes to experiencing brands and shopping at their best. It all starts with the architecture: Without being obtrusive, the gleaming white cube that is home to the “White Company” clearly stands out from the surrounding architecture, while the large, brightly lit windows exude a warmth and elegant light that entices customers to step inside. This concept of pared-down refinement and cozy atmosphere is also to be found inside the store. It was masterminded by the agency Dalziel + Pow, who were awarded the contract to develop an ingenious brand design concept for the store’s two floors.

Across 400 square meters on two levels, the team at Dalziel + Pow gave shape to different living areas: The lovingly decorated "bedroom", "living room" and "bathroom" provides plenty of inspiration for redesigning one’s own home. The retail designers want customers to feel very much at home when visiting the White Company. To ensure attractive lighting in the different living areas they opted for luminaires by Reggiani, which are both elegant and functional. After all, one thing is for sure: Luminaires play a key role when it comes to presenting retail environments in their best light. After all, the right illumination will make a favorable impression on the customer, directing the eye towards what is most essential: the products.

The key to achieve this is a flexible lighting concept that allows the light color, light distribution and light intensity to be controlled as required and thus enables best-possible product presentation. The retail designers chose luminaires from the Reggiani series Yori, Linea Luce Slim, LED, Trybeca, Unimosa and RE Low LED to optimally cater to different spatial requirements. Take Unimosa, for example, a compact and adjustable recessed luminaire that combines the advantages of a rigid recessed luminaire, which emits a bright light that is easy on the eyes, and an adjustable recessed luminaire that offers flexible adjustment options. Thanks to the cardan joint the luminaire rotates by 360 degrees and can be swiveled by 20 degrees – ideal to respond to different displays.

The retail designers use the LED linear solution Linea Luce Slim to emphasize special settings. Made of light-diffusing plastic, the luminaire spreads the light very evenly across the room and accentuates the edges. All Reggiani luminaires are controlled using Helvar’s DALI system, which is extremely convenient to operate: There are four lighting scenarios designed for different sales areas, which are actuated at the simple push of a button and can be changed as required. For example, warm, atmospheric light is used to illuminate key products, while cold, bright light above the staircase encourages customers to change floors quickly. Finally, circulating bright light emitted from the center of the room provides orientation and guides customers from one sales area to the next.

Bright and welcoming: the gleaming façade of the “White Company” store. Photo © Dalziel + Pow
Perfect for a good night’s sleep: On the first floor, customers can choose between different bed accessories.
Photo © Dalziel + Pow
Cold, bright light on the staircase motivates customers. Photo © Dalziel + Pow
Every area is perfectly lit – thanks to sophisticated luminaires from the Reggiani range. Photo © Dalziel + Pow
Reggiani’s Yori track spotlights are ideal to highlight special areas. They have a service life of over 50,000 hours.
Photo © Reggiani
Thanks to its cardan joint, the Unimosa recessed luminaire rotates 360° and can be swiveled by 20°. Photo © Reggiani