Compact energy source

Streamlined solutions are appreciated in Weser Tower: The "Evoline Square80" module helps make work efficient and avoids messy, tangled cables.
The "Evoline Square80" module combines many solutions in one product: The socket is equipped with a USB charger and optionally with a network connection.

Cross one of the bridges close to downtown Bremen in the evening hours and you can see the city’s tallest office building glowing blue in the skyline: Ever since 2010, Bremen’s Weser Tower has been a firm part of the city’s skyline. Designed by architect Helmut Jahn the high-rise stands some 82 meters tall. At night, the east side of the completely glass facade facing the Weser is lit up with LEDs. During the day the glazed frontage affords a sweeping view out over the rooftops and old port district and employees of the energy utility Ewe enjoy sufficient daylight in their offices on all 22 floors. Intelligent, sustainable solutions were chosen for the building technology: Heat and cold are naturally regulated thanks to insulated glazing, wind-proof stainless steel slats and a geothermal system. The planners wanted workplace electrification to be every bit as good.

The “Evoline Square80” module combines many solutions in one: The outlet has a USB charger and can also be fitted with an additional mains connection, meaning several technical appliances can be charged simultaneously at one station. The real highlight of the Evoline is, however, located directly over the outlet: The sliding cover provides an inductive or wireless charging station for mobile phones. If the space-saving outlet is not in use it can simply disappear elegantly beneath the multi-purpose cover with wireless Qi-function. In other words, energy supply at the workplace is safely and conveniently bundled in a single, robust tool. (am)

The Weser Tower in Bremen designed by architect Helmut Jahn rises 82 metres above sea level in the overseas city.
Easy to handle: Installed directly in the desk, the "Evoline Square80" module supports efficient working.
If the socket is not used, it disappears elegantly and space-saving under the multifunctional cover with Qi function.