Expormim 2020: LINK

With "Link", MUT Design have created outdoor rugs for Expormim that combines ropes of different thickness and sets colourful accents.

Alberto Sánchez and Eduardo Villalón from MUT Design have woven ropes of polypropylene in different sizes for the outdoor rug collection "Link", resulting in rugs with a wavy surface. The thinner, three millimetre thick ropes are partially supplemented by a wider, 16 millimetre long rope, creating a streamlined, raised pattern. At the edges, the ropes peek out of the rug in superimposed loops as an accent. The colours of the collection range from sage green to denim blue and brick red. Designed as a reversible rug, both sides are in one colour each, with the tones of the overhanging loops giving a hint of the respective back. (am)