wooden items by Jasper, Konstantin and Sam
Apr 3, 2013
The chair series "Fionda" by Jasper Morrison, photo © Gerhardt Kellermann for Mattiazzi

Konstantin Grcic’s “Medici” armchair was without doubt one of the stars of the last Milan salon. And now he’s turned the lone wolf into a happy family, adding a side table and a stool – among other things, so you can out your feet up.

Sam Hecht has opted to remain decidedly upright and come up with a refined three-leg piece – a bar stool that can be a standing table or a chair, in different colors and with an Asian touch and requires only a slender piece of wood when it wishes to have a backrest. Looks good. So let’s see what it’s like to sit on.

Moreover, Mattiazzi presents a new furniture collection designed by Jasper Morrison. It goes by the name of “Fionda” and features a table and two chairs. Jasper Morrison explains it as follows:

“In Italian, ‘Fionda’ means a sling. ‘Fionda’s’ mother is a folding camping chair, which itself comes from a long line of chairs known variously as BKF, Hardoy, Butterfly or Tripolina in Italy, all of which suspend a canvas sling from a frame to create a surprisingly comfortable seat. I bought one of the camping chairs in Japan and liked having it in my living room, but the aluminum X bars at the front and back were uncomfortable and prevented it from being a real living room chair, so I decided to make a project out of removing the X’s.”

No sooner said than done. Morrison says it took a few steps until he had the perfect combination, but the result is both light and steady. There’s a dining room chair, a lounge chair and a table.

Jasper Morrison loves the design language of camping furniture, possibly, or so he suggests, “It’s something to do with the lightness of structure and required efficiency in achieving something comfortable which fits well in today’s mood.” A chair for indoors and outdoors, for a way of life that does not need too much upholstery or fixed places, and for travelers who come home and want to rest. (tw)

"Fionda" by Jasper Morrison, photo © Gerhardt Kellermann for Mattiazzi
Side table and stool "Medici" by Konstantin Grcic, photo © Gerhardt Kellermann for Mattiazzi
The "Medici" collection, photo © Gerhardt Kellermann for Mattiazzi
„Radice" by Sam Hecht, photo © Gerhardt Kellermann for Mattiazzi
Two variations of „Radice", photo © Gerhardt Kellermann for Mattiazzi