Flexing muscles in the office
von | May 18, 2015

Long hours of sitting at a desk are hardly conducive to maintaining good posture. The body slows down and ailing muscles are no longer able to provide proper support to the spine and joints. Which is why in particular office workers need to make sure they keep their muscle tissue active to maintain a stable back and to stimulate the cardiovascular system. This not only prevents misalignment and pain in the shoulders and torso, but it also ensures better blood supply to the brain. With “IN” Germany’s long-established Wilkhahn company has now conceived an innovative office chair that is not only amazingly sporty and dynamic in appearance, but also provides extraordinary freedom of movement to reawaken even the tiniest of muscles.

The program completes Wilkhahn’s classic “ON” program featuring an exceptionally comfortable office chair with a generous seat and a wide backrest. “IN” is slightly simpler in design, which does not impair its aesthetic however. The curved back frame seamlessly flows into the seat, giving the chair a delicate look-and-feel despite its compactness. The 3D cord cover backrest and breathable upholstery on the seat are available in fresh shades such as turquoise, orange and red; in combination with a colored frame they are destined to jazz up austere office interiors.

However, it’s important that office chairs not only look good, but that they have excellent ergonomic qualities, too. Based on proposals made by the team at Wiege design, Wilkhahn developed “Trimension”, a special three-dimensional and synchronous kinematic system. In this technology two independent swivel arms impact on an extremely powerful center spring, whose resistance can be adjusted via a rotary knob. Together with the forward tilting mechanism, which can be individually activated, this creates plenty of freedom of movement, including tilting forward, backward and to the side, and even rotating the pelvis. In a move to ensure that the mechanics comply with the body’s requirements, the seat and back frame have been fitted with supporting and elastic zones. Cast in a single piece, this high-tech component is no doubt the pinnacle of innovation for experts in plastics processing. Additional flexibility is provided by the special three-dimensional cord cover on the backrest. The technique, which is also employed in developing state-of-the-art athletic shoes, serves to create different densities and consistencies, enabling the material to adapt automatically to the user’s movements and postures.
The verdict: Thanks to the interaction of many “little helpers” that succeed in bringing together natural movement and superb seating comfort, “IN” provides perfect conditions to enjoy life outside the office free from pain.

You can combine different colors, frame surfaces and textile covers – that offers great variety. Photo © Wilkhahn
Little helpers at the office: swivel arms, height adjustable lumbar support and an ergonomic seat and back system. Photo © Wilkhahn
Stabile spring: The central spring gives the right counterforce to the back-seating-system.
Photo © Wilkhahn
“In“ offers freedom of movement during the work – even little muscles can be activated.
Photo © Wilkhahn
No tristesse at the office: “In“ is available in fresh colors like red, petrol, orange or turquoise.
Photo © Wilkhahn
Sportive and functional: "In" with seating tile made of 3D knitwear. Photo © Wilkhahn
A clever knob: The movable swivel arm takes direct influence of the integrated central spring – its counterforce can be regulated by a rotary knob. Photo © Wilkhahn
The cross-shaped back frame is very stabile and at the same time part of the dynamic design of the chair. Photo © Wilkhahn
Three-dimensional kinematics: While developing the Trimensions® technology, Wilkhahn was inspired by the automobile industry. Photo © Wilkhahn

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