Time to get moving!

Flötotto exclusively at Stylepark: The digital trade fair booth at the Salone del Mobile

What do you need to develop a chair for school and college students? A family-run company with the corresponding expertise and a designer like Konstantin Grcic, the grand master of paring things down to the essentials. “You need to think analytically to design a product like this, the way Grcic does,” notes Frederik Flötotto in interview. The Munich-based designer does not construe a rigid toolbox of DIN standards, budget and ergonomic insights as factors that curb design freedom and instead grasps them as the challenging conditions that shape the design of a product.

Frederik Flötotto is representing the fourth generation of the family to lead the company.

The result of the design process goes by the name of “Pro.” The lightweight chair, now an entire product family, consists of a base frame and a plastic seat shell that enables dynamic sitting. However you wish to sit, whether facing forward, to the side, or straddling the chair, the virtually circular seat does not restrict freedom of movement and the flexible, S-shaped curved backrest adjusts accordingly.

”Just the lovely bottom, that is what they all have in common.“

Konstantin Grcic, Designer

“Pro” is available with various base frames in different materials as well as a variety of fresh and muted color tones. Its thoroughly positive aura makes it suitable for myriad uses – in schools and universities, in the office, home office and in private living areas.

On our digital trade fair booth you can take a peek behind the scenes of the two-year design process. In fact, you can also find out more about the diversity of the “Pro” family, which has been continually growing since 2012, and can view its members in their “natural environment” in selected projects. (AS)