Flokk's "HÅG Celi" is a flexible chair that is lightweight, comfortable, stackable and made from more than 75 percent recycled and renewable materials.

With "HÅG Celi", Flokk has a new chair in its program that is not only lightweight, comfortable and stackable, but also made of more than 75 percent recycled and renewable materials. In addition, it is easy to disassemble. The basis of "HÅG Celi" is a welded aluminum frame, which provides durability due to its materiality and structure. It is available in "Silver", "Black", "Blueberry" or "Blush" colors, while the plastic seat and back surfaces are offered in "Slate", "Black", "Crowberry" and "Chestnut" colors. In addition, the chair can be combined with different upholstery options and ash wood veneer. Thus, it is possible to individually choose the color of the feet, frame, seat and backrest to create a design that suits your own ideas. Lastly, thanks to the "HÅG inBalance" technology, "HÅG Celi" stimulates the unconscious movement of legs and feet while sitting, allowing for better concentration.