Framed in Jesolo
Off the beaten and pulsating tourist track on the long sandy beaches and huge hotel complexes, there are numerous beautiful spots in Jesolo on the Adriatic coast. Where, as part of the new urban planning policy, nine luxurious villas are arising; the first was commissioned in summer 2013 and was designed by Jacopo Mascheroni of JM Architecure. Since the plot size was a relatively small 550 square meters, the architect chose an L-shaped flat building with an open interior plan that stands out for spacious bright spaces and a lot of glass, emphasizing the exciting tension between inside and outside. With its large glass frontage, the living room with a dining zone and kitchen offers a fantastic view out over the inviting pool and the garden with its olive trees. The roof, which juts out over the patio, is especially audacious, resembling a large, plain frame that contrasts with the refined, flowing transitions of the walls and floors, for which Mascheroni chose large-format Royal Mosa ceramic tiles from the “Quartz” collection – for both the inside and the outside.
Flowing transitions thanks to Royal Mosa

“Both natural and artificial lighting worked with the tiles to produce a homely atmosphere – away from monotonous white and sameness,” is how the architect explains his selection. The extensive Royal Mosa range affords countless design possibilities: Mascheroni was able to select “Quartz” tiles in large formats such as 60 by 60 centimeters and 90 by 90 centimeters, and between smooth and coarse textures. Each tile is unique in terms of color nuances and surface finish, and several ceramic tiles together create depth and structure for the villa’s spacious areas. Around the pool, for example, darker nuances were laid, forming a frame that highlights the expanse of water.
“We played with the combination of narrow strips with larger tiles combining different arrangements. This created original detailing for the swimming pool and bathroom areas, especially, as these areas required both floor and wall tiles so the size differentiations and tones really added depth.”
Open floor plans, flowing transitions: Jesolo’s white three-room villa, complete with pool and greenery. <br/>Photo © Mosa
Open floor plans, flowing transitions: Jesolo’s white three-room villa, complete with pool and greenery. <br/>Photo © Mosa
The roof juts out four meters to provide a protected area outside on balmy summer evenings. Photo © Mosa
In the living room, the floor with the Royal Mosa tiles seems far from sterile. Photo © Mosa
Large-format tiles were laid in all the rooms, their colors fine-tuned to the respective interior, such as here in the living area. Photo © Mosa
Ceramics that avoids opulence: Individual highlights in the bathroom were created using simple light strips and ceiling luminaires. Photo © Mosa
No-frills luxury: the long pool and the patio outside the living room. Photo © Mosa
Light nuances on the floor: The tiles from the “Quartz” collection ensure the white living room seems warm and inviting. Photo © Mosa
A la carte Minimalism: the bright kitchen area with a view out over the garden. Photo © Mosa
The wall and floor tiles in the bathroom form a second skin. Photo © Mosa


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