French Round

Sebastian Herkner schiebt
eine ruhige Kugel.

Jan 19, 2016

“Boule” by Sebastian Herkner and the eponymous game differ above all because if you want to enjoy the luminaire then you’re best off making certain the spheres in Herkner’s lamp don’t bump into each other. Which is why the installation for Pulpo in the “Featured Editions” at the Cologne furniture fair is not really for game freaks, as send them rolling and you’d mess it all up.

Do you like France?

Sebastian Herkner: I have a very special relationship to France, as I’ve traveled there often and have many an intense memory of it.

Do you play boule?

Well actually the last time I did is years ago. I used to play it a lot with my parents on camping holidays in France.

What’s special about your “Boule” luminaire?

“Boule” is a standing or table lamp made of porcelain and glass. Together with Rosenthal we designed a family of luminaires that feature exciting material properties: They feature a satin porcelain base with a stack of glass balls on top boasting different colors. So different color moods and color spaces arise depending on the color combination.