German Tobias Nitsche, Italian Cesare Bizzotto and Portuguese Manuel Amaral Netto together go to make up From. The three met in 2011 at the Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne, or ECAL for short. Since then they’ve worked as a team, although not in one and the same place. But thanks to digitally networked working methods that is hardly an obstacle today. Netto works from his base in Lisbon, while Bizzotto and Nitsche are both in Padua. Their products are plain, and yet also contemplative in thrust. In fact, you often only notice how precise their work is at second glance, when you spot the careful details. A good example is their pendant luminaire with its LED strip rod called “Volta”, which can be dimmed by touch and swivels on its cables. In 2014, From won 1st Prize at the Salone Satellite for this simple and yet ingenious product.