Wooden construction, contemporary: community center in Ottobrunn,by Allmann Sattler Wappner Architekten.
From wood to healing
Oct 4, 2015

Hardly has the Oktoberfest closed its doors than, from Oct. 7-8, those of the Architect@Work in Munich open. The organizers have chosen the Zenithhalle in the Freimann district for their first event in Munich – it is otherwise home to concerts and other cultural events. In the usual leisurely setting, visitors can thus enjoy browsing the presentations of high-grade and diverse product novelties and services by the brand-name manufacturers. And, as always, there will be plenty of occasions for chatting and swapping notes, among other places in the dedicated lounge.
The “A@W Lectures by Stylepark” will likewise provide much food for thought – we’re arranging them together with Architect@Work in Munich. The focus will be on wood as a sustainable building material – and there will be a special show on the topic, with over 150 exhibits: the “Voll.HOLZ”.

October 7, 2015

12 noon – 1 p.m. – Prof. Ingo Burgert, ETH Institute for Building Materials

Wood with improved and new properties – new opportunities for architecture?

The expert on wood-based materials presents current research findings on the functions wood can be given and their potential for use in new areas of applications, not to mention the possible value added for architecture.

2 -3 p.m. – Hannes Bäuerle, raumPROBE

Voll.HOLZ – the fascinating diversity of wood and new wooden composites

New surfaces. Applications and research findings: You can look forward to many a surprise on where and how wood is used today.

4 – 5 p.m. – Amandus Sattler, Allmann Sattler Wappner Architekten

Architecture and wood - aesthetics and sustainability

“In architecture sustainability can drive ideas for a new aesthetic. An aesthetic that complements ongoing technological progress,” explains the graduate of TU Munich in his lecture.

October 8, 2015

12 noon – 1 p.m. – Mikala Holme Samsøe, Henning Larsen Architects

Sensory appeal as a necessary element of sustainability

Born in Denmark, as a member of the management she set up the Munich branch of Henning Larsen Architects. Sustainability and the use of natural materials such as wood as key issues that she will address, drawing on examples from current projects and personal experiences.

2 -3 p.m. – Prof. Christine Nickl-Weller, Nickl & Partner Architekten

Healing Architecture

How can architecture foster healing? What factors make hospitals a homely setting where the focus is on health rather than a place filled with fear and stress? The design proposals for the new children’s clinic attached to the Munich University Teaching Hospital, the Kaiser Franz Josef Hospital in Vienna and the Frankfurt University Teaching Hospital are taken as vivid examples.
Stylepark is the A@W media partner

Amandus Sattler talks on „Architecture and wood - aesthetics and sustainability“.
Photo © Myrzik & Jarisch
Prof. Ingo Burgert, ETH, asks: „new opportunities for architecture with wood?“
In the focus: mineralized ash. Photo © Prof. Ingo Burgert, ETH
By Mikala Holme Samsøe, Henning Larsen Architects. Photo © Åke E:son Lindman
Mikala Holme Samsøe, Henning Larsen Architects. Photo © Åke E:son Lindman
Children Hospital in Munich by Christine Nickl-Weller.
Entrance at the Uniklinik Frankfurt, by Christine Nickl-Weller. Photo © Werner Huthmacher
Office by Mikala Holme Samsøe, Henning Larsen Architects. Photo © Åke E:son Lindman
Christine Nickl-Weller.
Altar in Ottobrunn, by Amandus Sattler.