Funny bird

Bei Christine Nogtev
und Chul Cheong piept es.

Jan 20, 2016

What happens when the luminaire and the clamp meld? Designers Christine Nogtev and Chul Cheong believe that a bird then sets out to find a cage in order to sing a joyful song at the “Featured Editions” at the imm cologne. Namely in a cage made with rods consisting of refined clamp luminaires – the “c.lamp” – created by Roomsafari. The cage may not be golden, but is most certainly a cage of light.

Do you have a favorite bird?

Nogtev / Cheong: Yes, our bird is named John and is a digi-bird. He is a white beauty with a red beak.

How many lamps do you need to build a cage?

16 lamps.

Do the birds sing, too?

Yes, John will sing a sweet song.