Multifunctional assistant

Gaggenau is currently presenting the Flex induction hob with integrated ventilation from the 400 series, which combines many functions with purist aesthetics.

Cooking means sensual experience: In order for this to be true for the sense of taste as well as for the eye, the right equipment is needed in addition to fresh ingredients, which allows you to concentrate fully on the recipe. Gaggenau knows what cooks want and is now presenting a combination of hob and integrated ventilation for the first time in the 400 hob series. Beneath the space-saving flex induction hob is a wealth of technology at 90 centimetres wide: the powerful motor operates quietly and energy-efficiently. For the preparation process, the 400 hob series offers maximum flexibility. If necessary, the cooking zones can be enlarged to accommodate pans or pots of up to 30 centimetres. And if you need to work fast, the booster function increases the power from 3300 to 3700 watts at the touch of a button. Gaggenau has also taken into account that several dishes are usually cooked on the hob at the same time, and has therefore equipped the hob with a keep-warm function and a roast sensor that keeps the temperature constant. Thanks to the automatic function, the integrated ventilation system regulates itself in stages. Depending on your preference, you can choose between the variants with exhaust air or recirculated air - in recirculated air mode, activated charcoal filters remove cooking odours.

Solidly conceived

The Flex induction hob with integrated ventilation from the 400 series also has a lot to offer aesthetically: "The aim was to get the maximum possible out of it while keeping the design as discreet as possible," says product designer Nico Zendel from the Gaggenau design team. The black Flex induction hob with integrated ventilation system can thus be fitted flush and aesthetically into any kitchen ambience - also thanks to the visually unobtrusive transitions. To underline this elegant expression, the control knobs typical of Gaggenau are now also available in black. The metal ventilation grille also sends a clear signal in the direction of durability with its high heat resistance in the material as well. Nico Zendel's creative process for designing Gaggenau's new product started on a blank sheet of paper and led from the first drawings to CAD modelling and model building to try out different grille solutions. For the process, Gaggenau granted him the greatest possible freedom of design: "I have arrived at the point where I can implement my design potential in the product," he says. (am)

Gaggenau @ Kitchen Mile A30
2021 at the house4kitchen
18 September to 24 September 2021

Oeynhausener Street 99
32584 Löhne, Germany