Galactic Pentagon

Neven und Sanja Kovačić schweben
in anderen Sphären.

Jan 17, 2016

“Kalota Star” is what the Croatian designers Neven and Sanja Kovačić, who work together as Redesign, have called their installation as part of the “Featured Editions”. Now it may sound galactic, but has nothing to do either with death stars or remote galaxies. “Kalota” is simply the name of a stool they designed for Mitja. And no sci-fi writer could have dreamed up something better for furnishing remote worlds than what Redesign have created – whereby the perfectly finished wooden item of furniture resembles a beautiful five-pointed star.

Does your star also function with more than five points?

Neven and Sanja Kovačić: The geometric principle used for this construction is based on a sphere, it is universal and can be applied using any number of points. In this particular case, stool design worked best with sphere cutouts defined by inscribed pentagon. The resulting form looks very coherent because pentagon construction is based on golden ratio, universal principle seen in forms and shapes that we find in nature. Other design items in “Kalota" collection use the same principle with cutouts based on different divisions, according to their specific typology.

Why does the stool have four legs?

Neven and Sanja Kovačić: It was the most logical solution for this product. With three legs the angle between the legs seemed to be too wide.

In what kinds of wood is the stool available?

Neven and Sanja Kovačić: Traditionally, Bolcic carpentry that produces Mitja collection is known for using european walnut and cherry. Aside from that it will be available in oak, ash and beech wood. All five wood types with natural oil finish will be presented within the “Kalota Star” installation.