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Luxury in the forest

With Fairytale Castle, Knut Eivind Birkeland has built a romantic retreat in the forests of Norway, whose bathroom is equipped with products from Geberit.
The Geberit "AquaClean Mera" shower toilet forms the heart of the bathroom.

Spending the night in a fairy-tale castle – that has recently become possible in Norway. There, Knut Eivind Birkeland has built a special accommodation in the forests at the southern tip of Norway, where cottage romance meets luxury: The forest house near the Norwegian town of Lyngdal, named "Fairytale Castle," is a wooden building with a castle silhouette. The interior design is of a correspondingly high quality, such as the bathroom, which was equipped with products from Geberit. At the same time, the rooms radiate a great sense of comfort and enable a connection to nature. "I wanted to create a place where nature and luxury can be experienced at the same time," Birkeland says of the concept.

Inside, wooden surfaces characterize the generously proportioned rooms.
Coziness and luxury come together at Fairytale Castle.

The interior of the chateau is characterized by wooden surfaces that lend the generously cut rooms a warm atmosphere. The choice of material is also closely linked to the biography of the place and its creator, as Knut Eivind Birkeland explains: "As a trained carpenter, it was quite natural for me to build with wood. It's common in Norway and often used." In addition to the open spaces, the large window openings also create a sense of well-being in the "Fairytale Castle" by providing an uninterrupted view of the forest landscape and bringing daylight inside. The luxurious approach can also be experienced in the bathroom, which is equipped with an "AquaClean Mera" shower toilet, a wall drain and a "MyDay" washbasin from Geberit.

The washing area with products from the Geberit "MyDay" bathroom series
The Geberit wall drain allows the shower water to disappear into the pre-wall.

For Knut Eivind Birkeland, it is precisely the shower toilet from Geberit that fits in with the unconventional concept of his castle, as does the idea of providing a test facility for it. The feedback has been consistently positive, as he explains: visitors have said, for example, that such a toilet belongs in their new home. "Everyone found it interesting. And the shower toilet kept becoming a big topic of cottage talk." Last but not least, the tradesmen and plumbers were also enthusiastic about the Geberit products such as the wall drain in the shower and the washbasin including vanity unit and mirror from the Geberit "MyDay" bathroom series. With their minimalist appearance, they complement the amalgam of cozy cottage and spacious little castle and thus constructively contribute to the unusual concept of the "Fairytale Castle".

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