Get your teeth into it

„Cork“ von Paola Navone für Gervasoni

Apr 1, 2016
Photo © Gervasoni

Kork ist wieder schwer im Kommen. Paolo Navone hat einen Sessel wie einen leckeren Brownie geformt.

Paola Navone has never set much store in creating an unmistakable style. She prefers to play with the memories of things she saw at some point somewhere and which have occupied a firm place in the collective memory ever since. And she has in the process developed an idiosyncratic global mix on the back of clear forms and simple materials.

In time for the Milan Salone for Gervasoni Paola Navone has now created an armchair along with a few companions of different sizes and heights – the one rectangular, the other round, the one a side table, the other a stool, depending on how you look at it. The ensemble goes by the simple name of “Cork” and is 100 percent made of natural cork that is completely recyclable. With their dark brown hue, these compact items of furniture certainly bring tasty brownies to mind.