Google Docks
Visible from afar, the colored windows are a telltale sign that Google’s European Headquarters are not a middle-of-the-road office block. Photo: © Peter Würmli

Swiss architectural firm Camenzind Evolution has designed the interior of Google’s offices before, and whether we look to Tel Aviv, Moscow or now Dublin, we are amazed to find what somehow resembles an elaborate mess, a motley mix of unusual styles spread across different zones. Be it is meeting rooms of all shapes and sizes, quiet zones or relaxation booths – what unites them is their diversity, the way their aesthetic is formulated not only to serve different functions but to appeal to various tastes. The inconsistencies are deliberate, a successful strategy to ban monotony from stepping through the door and into an open-plan office.

In Dublin Google relocated its European Headquarters into the tallest building of the city – now named “Google Docks”. The offices and various lounges offer a fantastic view out over the Irish capital. On entering the building visitors are greeted by the familiar logo, which as an oversized 3D rendering doubles up as the reception, seating furniture and café counter. The bright colors of the logo pop up on each floor to provide a monochrome backdrop for the multiple hues of the interiors. Together with the furniture from Pedrali (some of the items are produced in different colors) they make for a perfect ensemble.

One prime example is the Kuadra barstool. Bar furniture in an office building? you may ask. At Google that’s nothing unusual if we consider that the office complex, which spans a whopping 20,000 square meters, also boasts fitness rooms, a swimming pool, a (quintessential!) Irish Pub complete with pool tables and any number of whacky lounges where you can relax or have informal one-on-ones. Dreaming up the interior for Google, the designers did not limit themselves to just one series of chair as is common in projects of a similar caliber, but decided to order no less than 11 different models from Pedrali. Incidentally, with its sustainable furniture produced to meet eco-friendly requirements, Pedrali likewise did its bit to help meet the green building criteria – the complex awaits LEED gold certification.

Visible from afar, the colored windows are a telltale sign that Google’s European Headquarters are not a middle-of-the-road office block. Photo: © Peter Würmli
Monotony is a no-go, meaning that everyone will find their favorite spots wherever they are in the building. Photo: © Peter Würmli
The colors of the logo dominate the interior design across different floors. Photo: © Peter Würmli
In line with the Google concept employees can enjoy free meals in a number of staff restaurants and cafés. Photo: © Peter Würmli
The Google logo in the lobby has been rendered in 3D, meaning it can double up to serve as a reception desk or seating. Photo: © Peter Würmli
All things bright and beautiful – the 3D Colour chair by Pedrali allows for endless color combinations. Photo: © Peter Würmli
Pedrali’s PASHA armchair will look out of place in most offices – not so at Google. Photo: © Peter Würmli
Throughout the building, cafés and meeting zones take on quirky shapes in unusual locations – shown here is one of the Google “O”s. Photo: © Peter Würmli


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