The fact that Gunnar Sören Petersen likes camping at music festivals does have an impact on his designs. For example, his “Snak Table” is a folding camping table with a plastic top and wooden legs that can be used not only for eating but also for playing ping-pong on. His little portable barbecue “Apollo”, which calls to mind a miniature pull-out rocket, is a handy companion for a life in the great outdoors. Petersen’s objects are suitable for inside or outside used and always cleverly constructed, as well as experimental through and through. This is evidenced not only by his wardrobe “Gren” which can be extended ad infinitum using round timber and plastic connectors, but also by his chair “Flexible Wood”. In the latter case by milling out wood and adding elastomers, Petersen has succeeded in making wood almost as flexible as coarse netting.