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Architect Gunter Fleitz likes saunas that are different, meaning not like typical saunas. Otherwise it is mainly architecture that sets him clicking or browsing.

Architect Gunter Fleitz is a self-confessed sauna buff. Although he prefers an unusual sauna in an equally unusual place to the customary wooden boxes. Which is why he would just love to spend time in Raumlabor’s metal sauna in Göteborg. In fact, Fleitz chose as his favorite Stylepark articles buildings that he found convincing both on the outside and on the inside, such as the G-Star Raw head office in Amsterdam designed by Rem Koolhaas and his Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA). “A brilliant building!” Fleitz raves. What he finds especially exciting is how the architects managed to integrate a corporate culture into a new build. What is more: “Who wouldn’t like to work in an office full of Prouvé furniture?” he continues. Perfectly combining the old and the new is something Fleitz feels is particularly challenging. When in our report on bamboo furniture à la Stefan Diez he came across the “Japan Creative” initiative he did some research of his own, and became completely immersed in the expanse of the WorldWideWeb. There’s simply no end to reading online. (AS)

Creativity beneath
a seam of light
29 June 2015

In Amsterdam “Office for Metropolitan Architecture” (OMA) has built the new G-Star RAW corporate headquarters. Part of the architectural design brief was to encourage creativity among its employees. So, 12 months after relocating to the new premises, have expectations been met? Adeline Seidel in conversation with architect Reinier de Graaf from OMA/AMO and Design Director Pieter Kool from G-Star RAW.

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Expert hand,
fresh mind
25 June 2015 | by Martina Metzner

Ever since 2012, the "Japan Creative" initiative has functioned as the interface between internationally active designers and traditional Japanese crafts workshops. Most recently, Stefan Diez took even the Japanese experts by surprise – with his version of bamboo furniture.

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Sweating in
a tin box
15 June 2015 | by Adeline Seidel

In Göteborg in Sweden, the free port is gradually being transformed into a new district – complete with a sauna designed by Raumlabor.

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Spanish lace
11 May 2015 | by Adeline Seidel

And the winner of this year’s “Mies van der Rohe Award” is…: the Philharmonic Hall in Szczecin, Poland, designed by Barozzi Veiga. First prize in the “Emerging Architect” category goes to Arquitectura-G for its “Casa Luz” in Cilleros, Spain.

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