Häfele Lighting can be used to realise atmospheric or functional lighting

Atmospheric and efficient

With the Häfele Lighting division, the Swabian manufacturer is breaking completely new ground. It continues to expand its claim to design living and working spaces more efficiently and at the same time more atmospherically.
by Elisabeth Bohnet | 6/25/2024

Häfele, until now known as a specialist for fittings and electronic locking systems, is introducing a new branch of the company. With Häfele Lighting, it is bundling its expertise in LED lighting and networking. Connectivity plays the main role in atmospheric room lighting. This is why Häfele Lighting combines the application areas of "light in furniture" and "light in the room" to create a holistic experience.

The basis for this is provided by products from the entire Häfele range, in the lighting sector these are the Loox, Nimbus and Connect product lines. With the expertise of numerous experts from the fields of architecture, interior design, planning or home and contract furnishing as well as specialists from the craft sector, Häfele Lighting provides a unique approach to the topic of designing and planning with room and furniture lighting. The essential question that Häfele formulates for planning is: How can living and working spaces be designed to be more functional, more efficient, more valuable and more atmospheric today and tomorrow? The company answers this question with the products in its range as well as with a large portfolio of services. These include, for example, detailed lighting concepts, which can be completely handed over to the company by planners or trade firms. "We want to support our customers as partners," says Häfele CEO Gregor Riekena. "If you look at the rooms of the future, it's always about being able to react flexibly to a wide range of requirements. There are different uses that demand completely different solutions."

Häfele Lighting combines the application areas of "light in furniture" and "light in rooms"

The Blackbox in Stuttgart offers a special place for dialogue on the subject of light. It was designed by Häfele to bring the diverse possibilities of room and furniture lighting to life. Around 150 light points and lines have been installed here – each luminaire can be individually controlled, dimmed and the light colour can be flexibly changed. It also demonstrates how the lighting management system can work together with other systems, such as access control systems. The black box is a kind of creative workshop for a wide variety of room uses and at the same time a place of inspiration and meeting for Häfele's customers. Gregor Riekena emphasises: "This is our approach: we want to offer sustainable, adaptable solutions for the future and be open and responsive to the needs of planners."

Light + Building 2024: Häfele presented product and service innovations relating to lighting and connectivity under its new Häfele Lighting division
The Häfele Blackbox in the Römerkastell in Stuttgart brings the diverse possibilities of room and furniture lighting to life and serves as a future laboratory and creative workshop