The design process, authorship and the idea of the original – these are the topics Hanna Krüger explored as part of her research project “Stapeln + Addieren” (Stacking + adding) funded by the “Nespresso Design Scholarship” program. For her assignment, she scrutinized the collection of the famed “Wiener Werkstätten” in Vienna’s Museum of Applied Arts (MAK). As it turns out, the findings of her theoretical studies are actually very practical: In a series of works she mostly cites (unfinished) designs by Josef Hoffmann, who founded the “Wiener Werkstätten”, rearranges them and on this basis develops the original pieces further. Aside from Art Déco-inspired luminaires, rugs and vitreous objects, the Kassel-based designer has most recently made a name for herself with the “Pila” vases and luminaires – an assemblage of plates from various Rosenthal series.