In love with detail
Jun 21, 2010

Only when you explore things in detail do you get an idea of the bigger picture - this is the theory Stylepark examines in the latest issue of its magazine. The various ways in which our authors approach the topic from their very own perspectives reveal that in fact it does not always hold true.

It is precisely because "the devil often lies in the details" switching from the small, even minute parts of a design object, a building or an artwork and their specific qualities to the end product in its entirety, makes the world of objects comprehensible. No matter if you zoom in or out - Stylepark accompanies you on all levels of perception, through all degrees of resolution, and is always "up close".

It was designed, as always, by Antonia Henschel from Sign Kommunikation, whose style has also clearly left its mark on the 16th issue of the successful Stylepark Magazine.

Order the Stylepark magazine here. (Please notice that the magazine is only in German available.) The current issue is available in selected book stores and distributors of airports and railway stations.

Photo: Antonia Henschel
Photo: Antonia Henschel