In Luzia’s garden
Luzia’s large windows afford a magnificent view of the wrap-around garden. Photo © Hajj Designless/Paola Lenti srl

A small sanctuary situated in the heart of Mexico City’s busy commercial quarter of Santa Fé: The Luzia restaurant is part of “Park Plaza”, a modern complex comprising hotels, selected stores and cinemas. Luzia’s owes its appearance to interior architect Sandra Tarruella, who has chosen the timeless high-quality furniture by Paola Lenti. The design store “Hajj Designless”, located in Mexico City, was engaged into the project and supported Paola Lenti as its official distributor in the Country".

Paola Lenti’s tables and chairs, which are made of natural and technical materials such as wood and hand-woven cords, are ideally suited to the restaurateur’s concept. They are comfortable and inviting, functional, yet elegant. The Italian manufacturer, who not only equips hotels and restaurants, but also supplies the yacht industry with customized products, relies on a combination of natural yarns and high-tech fibers. The outdoor furniture is water-resistant and able to withstand sun and rain, making it ideal for the terrace of the Luzia restaurant. Warm color combinations and the use of natural materials such as Accoya timber make for an inviting atmosphere. The big “Sahara” rug is woven like the upholstery of the “AMI” chair designed by Francesco Rota, the frame of which is made of stainless steel and has a satin finish. The table tops from the “GIRO” series are custom finished with aluminum and available as round or rectangular versions. Suspension luminaires from the “Lenta” series bathe the restaurant in soft light.

Warm brown tones are used for the walls. Indirect lighting and wooden paneling lend the room a personal and elegant touch in an overall relaxed atmosphere. Floor-to-ceiling windows look out onto the restaurant’s luscious garden - a green oasis that provides privacy, sheltering the guests from the street. As you sit and savor the delicious meals on the peaceful terrace, the hustle and bustle of Mexico’s capital seems miles away and is making guests feel inclined to linger a little longer in this pleasant oasis.

Luzia’s large windows afford a magnificent view of the wrap-around garden. Photo © Hajj Designless/Paola Lenti srl
The “AMI” Rope chair has stainless steel legs and handmade upholstery. Photo © Hajj Designless/Paola Lenti srl
The legs of the “Sunset” table are made of varnished steel – perfectly matching the color of the chairs. <br/>Photo © Hajj Designless/Paola Lenti srl
Warm brown tones and materials such as timber lend the rooms a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. <br/> Photo © Hajj Designless/Paola Lenti srl
Interior designer Sandra Tarruella opted for timeless designs by Paola Lenti to furnish the restaurant. <br/>Photo © Hajj Designless/Paola Lenti srl
“Sahara” is a big rug with wide cable stitch panels made of Aquatech fiber. Photo © Paola Lenti srl


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