In pole position

„Speedoletto“ von Fanny Rognone für De Breuyn

Sep 8, 2015
Photos © De Breuyn

Jugendliegen und Gästebetten haben nicht eben den besten Ruf. Dieses stapelbare Modell, das nicht nur Formel-1-Fans begeistert, ist komfortabel und trendy.

What can have prompted Hamburg-based French designer Fanny Rognone to choose such a streamlined shape for “Speedoletto”? Her son’s love of toy cars and racing drivers? Or that as an urbanite she knows only too well how important it is precisely for families to use existing living space as optimally as possible? Probably a bit of both. Moreover, with this bed made of birch laminate and available in dark blue, white, gray and yellow, kids can look out-do their friends. Who else has a racing car in their pit, or rather their bedroom?

Parents will no doubt choose the tough model and it’s bound to remain all the rage with the kids even when they’re teenagers. If their preferences change, then the bed accordingly adjusts smoothly. It quickly turns into a resting place for guests staying over, either one on its own or several stacked. Childcare centers also benefit from these stacking qualities – there’s a version with a narrower mattress specially for those shared afternoon naps. “Speedoletto” will no doubt take pole position in the race for the German Design Award 2016. (uma)

Birch Multiplex 19 millimeters with HPL coating on both sides
Size (wxdxh):
94x204x25 centimeters
Mattress size: 90x200 centimeters
For childcare usage: 64x124x15 centimeters
Mattress size: 60x120 centimeters