In praise of the surface
Apr 11, 2016

There is no need to quote Oscar Wilde for praise of surfaces; there are wholly practical reasons – in particular when it comes to Cosentino’s new Dekton line by the name of “XGloss”. This is because a mechanical polishing process and innovative nanoparticle treatment give the ultra-compact material a crystal-like finish, which makes the surface particularly water-repellent and thus even more resistant to all kinds of stains. In addition to the elegant, crystalline shine, the “XGloss” line is characterized by the extraordinary intensity of its colors. The material is also flexile in terms of use, making it just as attractive to designers as to architects, because Dekton products by Cosentino can be used both indoors and outdoors: as a kitchen worktop just as much as large-scale façade cladding. and even as flooring.

Valentín Tijeras, Director of Product Development and Innovation at the Cosentino Group, saw a demand “in the world of design and architecture for high-gloss surfaces and brilliant, dramatic colors”. Forming part of the “Solid Collection”, the first five colors range from pure white to a deep, magical black. Indeed the names speak for themselves: “Halo XGloss” references the material’s brilliant reflecting properties, which through the high scattering of light can create a surprising sense of spaciousness in small bathrooms and kitchens. It is joined by the mirror-polished gray “Splendor XGloss”, which caters to current trends in kitchen design, as does “Blaze XGloss”, which is dark gray in color and has a slightly metallic effect. “Lumina XGloss” is an earthy grayish brown with something cool and comforting about it, while “Spectra XGloss” is a pure, deep black.

Given their material’s resistance to heat and fire, as well as scratches, Dekton surfaces by Cosentino are particularly well suited to use in kitchens, as even when put to heavy use they retain their bright shine. The material’s water-repellent properties and certified slip resistance make it ideal for use as cladding and flooring in wet rooms. Outdoors, Dekton’s resistance to freezing and thawing makes it an ideal choice. Façades, be they rear-ventilated or adhered, are another area of application for this highly versatile surface. What must be emphasized is that despite all the technical details and physical properties, it is ultimately the brilliance of the gleaming “XGloss” surfaces that is so fascinating. (rw)

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The ultra-compact material Dekton has been given a new finish and boasts five colors with brilliantly reflecting surfaces: “Dekton XGloss” by Cosentino, here in “Blaze”. Photo © Cosentino

The elegant gray “Blaze” from the “Dekton XGloss” line is admirably suited to state-of-the-art kitchens, as it is resistant to both heat and moisture. Photo © Cosentino

“Dekton XGloss” – pictured here in the color “Lumina” – is also suitable as flooring both indoors and outdoors, as the material is UV-resistant and abrasion-proof.
Photo © Cosentino

The brilliance of the surfaces is particularly fascinating in the case of “Spectra”, the dark black member of the “Dekton XGloss” line. “Dekton XGloss” is particularly hard and scratch-proof, such that the black, crystalline surface is retained.
Photo © Cosentino

The practical “Dekton XGloss” surfaces also suit country-house-style furniture.
Photo © Cosentino

“Dekton XGloss” is being launched in five colors. The elegant gray by the name of “Splendor” is pictured here. Photo © Cosentino