In Search of German Design
von Nancy Jehmlich | Jul 20, 2008

For some time now there have efforts to address German design. But was is it exactly? What does it look like? What face does it or will it have? Bauhaus and Ulm are long since out-of-date, and contemporary, German Design since well established on the international scene, with the next generation already at work carving out a niche.

In Nuremberg, on July 25, 2008 a new show opens entitled “design deutschland. case study 08”. It offers a thematic cross-section of classic and contemporary ideas by German designers and companies. The exhibits are arranged in good German fashion, structured and linked in crates, fully in keeping with the idea of the “Werkbund Crate”, by theme: be it material, position, function, system or tool. Dieter Rams’ Regalsystem 606 is on display, as is Konstantin Grcic’s new Myto chair, not to mention the legendary Rimowa aluminum suitcase, Wilhelm Wagenfeld’s legendary Max und Moritz salt and pepper pots, Walter Gropius’ Rosenthal tableware TAC 01, Ingo Maurer’s playful Lucellino luminaire, and Egon Eiermann’s table frame.

The marvelous presentation of German design was already on show at IMM08 in Cologne and will tarry in Nuremberg until October 5, 2008. “design deutschland. case study 08” is a joint venture by Neues Museums Nuremberg, Neue Sammlung Munich, and the German Design Council.

design deutschland. case study 08
from July 25 – Oct. 5, 2008
Neues Museum Nuremberg