Ingenious ramified system

„Easy Tree“ von Giovanni Pozzi für dearkids

Sep 7, 2015
All photos © dearkids

Jedes Regalelemente steht für sich oder wird, individuell arrangiert, zum praktischen Ensemble an der Zimmerwand.

As we all know, dreams do not grow skyward, but trees do. Which is also true of kids’ rooms. “Easy Tree” from the furniture makers at “dearkids” in Como, Italy, starts on the ground and spreads across the wall like fruit on a trellis. With its colored lacquered boards, this tree of shelves with all its branches can go as high as you want, the ceiling being the limit. In this way, a functional shelving system arises with a timeless look to it, and it can be extended by additional elements and constantly rearranged. There are no bounds to the imagination when it comes to the order of the shelving elements.

In this way, “Easy Tree” becomes the preferred storage point in children’s rooms – for books, toys and other loved items. And it doubles up as a highly varied “eye catcher” in public areas, such as doctors’ surgeries and kindergartens. Kids will no doubt rave for many months to come about such as “tree” when spotted on the wall in the dentist’s waiting room. (uma)

MDF, 3 centimeters thick, lacquered, available in all 25 dearkids colors

Size per unit (hxwxd): 52x65x17 centimeters