Ingo Maurer 2020: B.BULB

With "b.bulb", Ingo Maurer has translated the design classic "Bulb" into the present.

"Bulb": In 1966 Ingo Maurer created the table lamp in the form of an oversized light bulb made of mouth-blown crystal glass and a high-gloss chrome-plated base, bringing reduction and extravagance to the point. The current further development "b.bulb" is battery-operated and can therefore be moved flexibly in the room without having to have a socket within reach. Thanks to LED technology, "b.bulb" lights up for up to ten hours on one charge. With a height of twenty centimeters, the further development corresponds in size to the original. Yet the glass head is unbreakable and not transparent, but matt to provide a softer light. Ingo Maurer's team has also thought about sustainability: all components are screwed together instead of glued or welded, so that the individual elements can be easily separated and recycled. (am)

"Bulb", "Giant Bulb" and "b.bulb" (f.l.t.r.)