Interface 2021: FLASH LINE

Interface is launching its second CO2-negative carpet tile collection, "Flash Line".

With the carpet tile collection "Flash Line", Interface comes a good step closer to its goal of becoming a CO2-negative company by 2040: The microtuft construction follows the cradle-to-gate principle and is CO2-negative from raw material extraction to leaving the factory. "Flash Line" was developed with a combination of special yarns and a special tufting process and comes standard with the CO2-negative backing construction CQuest™BioX. Here, the PVC- and bitumen-free backing construction with its bio-based and recycled materials sequesters carbon and prevents it from entering the atmosphere as CO2. At the same time, the carpet tiles are manufactured with lower yarn usage, are made of 100 percent recycled polyamide and contain 86 percent recycled and biobased components. Design-wise, "Flash Line" is inspired by the light effects that occur at night when a flash is taken with a photo camera. The collection features bright colors and clean lines, available in three basic colors: medium gray, anthracite and black. Each base color can be combined with one of eight color variations, ranging from magenta, terracotta and mint to softer shades of beige and gray. As a result, "Flash Line" offers architects and designers a multi-faceted yet sustainable flooring solution for the spaces they design.