interlübke 2022: INTARO

A wardrobe system with which interlübke offers plenty of storage space for all the details and at the same time shows a sense for the essentials: "intaro".

The "intaro" wardrobe system from interlübke is available in three heights, two widths and one depth and thus offers a variety of uses - from the hallway to the bedroom. The recessed plinth, which is only 2.5 centimetres high, gives the wardrobe a slightly floating look. The handles also offer freedom for your own ideas: There are three different variants to choose from, from the circular, diagonally attached "dot" from the design by Hanne Willmann, to L-shaped profile handles and the handle strip integrated into the front edge. Both the handles as well as the doors and exteriors can be lacquered in different or uniform shades, from classic snow white to rich burgundy to discreet metallic bronze. Clarity is the order of the day in the inside: one-piece back panels, invisible back panel fixings and perforated rails that offer flexibility in individual storage space design and avoid unsightly drill holes. Shelves, clothes rails, pull-out units and drawers can be easily fixed in the perforated rails and also easily moved or added to at a later time. (am)