It’s the link that matters – Wire Mesh
von Claudia Beckmann | Dec 14, 2008

The term wire mesh initially sounds technical and slightly reserved. However, the possible appearances hiding behind this material are very promising, both in mechanical and aesthetic terms. A picture gallery with selected pieces conveys an idea of the various properties wire mesh can have and how wide its range of possible uses is.

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Artos beta by Kufferath
Robusta by Spörl
Alphamesh by proMesh
Sandwich by Dorstener Drahtwerke
Artos Sigma by Kufferath
Kupfer-Drahtgewebe by Weisse&Eschrich
Stangengewebe by Drahtweberei Pausa
Phosphorbronze by Drahtweberei Pausa
Topmesh by Spörl
X-Tend by Carl Stahl
Largo-Plenus by Haver&Boecker; All photos © Stylepark
Artos Sigma by Kufferath
Triple fine by Dorstener Drahtwerke
Schuppengeflecht grob by proMesh
Fils 21 by BGM Bretzfelder Global Metallic
Duplex by Spörl
Stangengewebe by Drahtweberei Pausa
Stangengewebe by Drahtweberei Pausa
Edelstahl-Drahtgewebe von Weisse&Eschrich
Expert by Sorst