LayRed 55 Classic Oak 24234

IVC Commercial 2021: LAYRED 55

The vinyl floor "LayRed 55" from IVC Commercial provides better acoustics and gives designers the opportunity to play rooms individually.

It is not only the size and lighting of rooms that contribute to a pleasant atmosphere in buildings, but also their sound. IVC Commercial's "LayRed 55" acoustic vinyl flooring is an easy-to-install and sustainable solution that also improves productivity and well-being – whether in residential, healthcare, retail, office, education or hospitality environments. Here, the patented 12-layer construction of "LayRed 55" reduces impact sound by 22 dB through the use of a rigid core and an integrated acoustic pad, while increasing comfort underfoot. A wear layer with Twinguard® also ensures high scratch and stain resistance to meet commercial requirements. "LayRed 55" can also be installed on uneven subfloors using a silent click installation and is made of 30 percent recycled material. It is available in a lifelike wood and stone look and a total of 23 surfaces, giving designers the opportunity to play with rooms individually.