Joyful Fun!

Moroso feiert Ron Arad

Apr 8, 2016
Graphics © Moroso

Was sich nicht so alles auf den Möbeln von Ron Arad tummelt.

It is always busy at the Moroso exhibition stand. Traditionally, there are countless innovations to be discovered here. Reportedly, eight new collections this year by Patricia Urquiola, Alfredo Haberli, Doshi&Levien, Tord Boontje, Front, Edward van Vliet, Scholten & Baijings and a young designer, whose name is being kept just as secret as the innovations themselves.

But one thing we do know now: In honor of Ron Arad and his 25 year collaboration with Moroso, there will be an exhibition in the Moroso showroom: “Spring to Mind” curated by Studio Marco Viola. Here visitors get a sense of all those things people generally associate with Ron Arad’s furniture. “Ron had his debut with us as industrial designer. That is something I am proud of,” says Patrizia Moroso. “Ron Tom Tom”, an exhibition by Tom Vack in the university shows more still of Ron Arad: 20 photographs of furniture in their original size (tw)

Spring to Mind
Moroso Showroom,
Via Pontaccio 8/10
13 April – 14 May
Press preview, 12 April, 5.30 PM

Tom Vack, “Ron Tom Tom”
Università degli Studi di Milano,
Via Festa del Perdono, 7
12 – 17 April.