“Design Heart” is horrifyingly alive, Konstantin Landuris says by way of explanation of his latest 2.5-meter-high sculpture, whose insect-like wings flap to the rhythm of a heartbeat by means of a through-flow of air. To make it, the Munich-based designer combined carbon-reinforced plastic, latex, anodized aluminum, thermoplastic material (PET), and polyester fabric – and his creation is his contribution to the “Man-Machine” discussion. Landuris is fascinated by topics such as kinetics, robotics, mechatronics, and by materials used in aerospace, and they provide him with inspiration for his installations, which range between design and art. Occasionally they lead to actual products, such as his wall-mounted mobile, the design of which is based on the far more complex kinetic sculpture “New World Order”. Following a phase in which he mainly created freelance works for galleries, he now intends to focus again on serial product design.