Kreon 2021: KAGI

The lighting system "Kreon Kagi" by Kreon combines various accent lighting with linear lighting and convinces with its spatial flexibility.

"Kagi" in Japanese means something like key. But the name also stands for the new lighting system from Kreon and indeed the profile of the luminaire is reminiscent of the three-dimensional shape of a keyhole, which can be attached to the ceiling as a light strip. Here, "Kreon Kagi" combines various accent lighting with linear illumination, as round or square downlights and wallwashers can be mounted along the entire length of the base profile. The 24 V base profile can be either recessed or surface mounted. In addition, it can be optionally equipped with satin-finished, linear LED light tubes with a diameter of 16 millimeters or 26 millimeters for permanently soft light distribution. An additional connection also allows the second level of the 24 V profile to be connected vertically at an angle of 90 degrees. The resulting flexibility makes "Kreon Kagi" a creative lighting tool that architects and lighting designers can use to play with spaces in a variety of ways.