Softly luxurious

Kvadrat and Raf Simons recently presented two new, elaborately made upholstery fabrics: “Helia” and “Silas”. And new warm, dark colors like terracotta or dark green have been added to the “Sunniva 3” fabric range.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 4/10/2020

For his current collection for Kvadrat industrial and fashion designer Raf Simons sought inspiration in the textiles and techniques used in haute couture, for example in processing materials such as lambskin and sheepskin. The results are characterized by a strong structure and are agreeably soft to the touch: In “Helia”, swirls and whorls create a dynamic surface. Every thread was dyed prior to weaving to produce an arbitrary-looking pattern and a delicate blend of color. Aside from neutral shades it also comes in more intensive colors examples being blue and yellow.

By contrast, “Silas” is inspired by the knits used in haute couture that give an exceptional volume. The velvet structure of the fabric is achieved by repeatedly unraveling and beating the fibers to make them swell. The subsequent steaming treatment makes for a soft, rich finish. The matt color spectrum ranges from shades of gold via neutral colors through to stronger hues. Thanks to the slight variations in pile height the fabric takes on a different appearance depending on your viewing angle. Those looking to experience the extraordinary feel and structure of this fabrics will find them as covers for the Malitte Seating System, which Roberto Matta designed in the 1960s and that Italian label Paradisoterrestre has now reissued.