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Italian restaurant, co-working space, meeting place for staff – La Visione on the “Object Campus - City of Visions” is many things all at once. And on the inside the rugs of Object Carpet reflect the diverse ways it is used.

Two friends, one vision – in the form of La Visione Vincenzo Pepe and Daniele Ciccarone have realized their dream of their own restaurant. The two have known each other since their childhood spent in Caggiano, a mountain village in Italy. Today, in Denkendorf, Swabia they serve Italian cuisine with a regional twist. “We want to surprise our guests, amaze them and make them happy – with exquisite tastes that they have not have the opportunity to experience in such an intensity before,” comments chef Ciccarone by way of explaining the culinary concept.

The concept: a contemporary interpretation of the traditional cuisine of their native region is highly fitting for the location of the restaurant. It is part of the “Object Campus - City of Visions”, where regional firms from all sectors come together to creative synergies across all areas. The heart of the campus is the headquarters of Object Carpet, the carpet manufacturer who initiated the project. This explains why La Visione is not just an Italian ristorante, but also a co-working space, a meeting place for staff, wine cellar, lounge, bar – and a showroom where Object Carpet products can be experience in use. It follows that they are also an important element in the design of the dining area that accommodates 60 guests inside and the same number outdoors.

The open-plan concept and brand design are the work of Stuttgart-based architecture office Ippolito Fleitz Group, who collaborated with Object Carpet to develop the collection “Object Carpet x Ippolito Fleitz Group”. The latter features 111 shades and ranges from dynamic versions with many small color details to subtle, homogeneous areas. More than enough variety in other words for them to complement the interior design of La Visione. In the event, the choice was “Flow × Glow 711”, “Deal × Feel 1030”, “Meet × Beat 1040”, “Move × Groove 0762”, and “Skill × Chill 1240”. Apart from looking good they also serve to define the differently sized areas. At the entrance and the bar they interact with artworks by photographer Michel Compte depicting various celebrities from the world of fashion, art and culture. The different textures on the wall come across as a textile collage of damask, sackcloth, carpet, and cord – and serve frame the open cooking area. Moreover, every detail is precisely coordinated in both color and texture: from the bright blue of the entrance area via the leather covers of the furniture through to the menu, whose design incorporates the character of wall hangings. In effect the intensive tastes described by chef Ciccarone are continued in the interior design of La Visione. What could be more logical? (ar)

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