Lapalma 2022: JAZZ

"Jazz" by Lapalma offers a free-standing shelf with a sculptural expression that effortlessly combines dynamic form with sustainable construction.

A free-standing shelf is one thing above all: multifunctional. It serves as storage space, presentation area and room divider in one piece of furniture and can be integrated into the most diverse contexts. "Jazz" by Lapalma fulfils these requirements and at the same time brings a good portion of verve: Art director Giuseppe Bavuso tilts cylindrically shaped supports in opposite directions on a 38-centimetre-wide base. In a zigzag course, they each reach the shelves, appearing to dance upwards, held in place by concealed stainless steel connections. Bavuso's dynamic design is also sustainable without requiring any major effort: all three components made of aluminium, MDF and stainless steel can be easily dismantled and are fully recyclable. In different lacquer finishes, "Jazz" acquires an individual style and can be adapted to any space thanks to its modular construction. To underline the sculptural quality of the design, it is also possible to anchor the feet of the shelf in the floor if required. (am)

Lapalma @ Salone del Mobile:
Hall 20
Stand D15/ E 16