Less is more
Sep 5, 2016

C1 is the discrete name Dettling Architekten gave their project, a spacious detached house complete with surgery not far from Karlsruhe. The office, which specializes in individual, private residential buildings was farsighted in its design for a family with two children: Specifically, the surgery and several private rooms can either be combined or divided off, to suit the occupants’ professional or private needs. The owners placed particular emphasis on open layouts, special materials and sophisticated details, such as the concealed door hinges by Simonswerk.

Located on a slope in the Pfinztal valley, the house is somewhat reserved where it faces the street, while to the north and south it is generously glazed. Covering some 300 sq.m. it offers ample living space, an aspect further underscored by the expansive rooms. The six-meter-high living and dining room faces the garden, which boasts a swimming pool. The lawn areas around the pool ensure it melds with the garden. The striking, rounded shed roof introduces more light into the rooms and, in addition, marks from the outside the parents’ section on the first floor complete with library, and a working space on the gallery.

The interior fittings used in the project by Dettling Architekten are equally impressive. Custom-made fitted units and precious materials make for an elegant appearance. Using slate for the floors, off-white rendering and walnut in a pleasant reddish-brown tone produces an overall sense of clarity and calm. The extremely pared-back design language also calls for precision down to the last detail. Thanks to the door hinges by Simonswerk the doors fit into the frames almost seamlessly, so that nothing distracts from the attractive walnut fronts. This completely concealed hinging technology from the Tectus series permits minimal distances between door and frame, a streamlined appearance and a flush fit. The result shows that sometimes precisely the details that are not immediately visible can be extremely important. (rw)


Seen from the street, the detached house with surgery rooms appears somewhat reserved. Photo © Daniel Vieser

On the garden side complete with swimming pool extensive windows look out onto the landscape. Photo © Daniel Vieser

The living and dining area is generously appointed, and impresses with its six-meter high ceilings. Photo © Daniel Vieser

All fitted units are made of precious walnut. The doors are flush-fitted thanks to Simonswerk hinge technology. Photo © Daniel Vieser