Life can be so colorful …
Dec 15, 2009

Here we are back in the dark time of year, and no doubt everyone is yearning for a little color in these days of gray and darkness. Which is why in the winter issue of Stylepark Magazin we have focused on the topic of color - and have specifically devoted some thought to how color is used and its relevance in the fields of design, architecture and material.

This issue opens with US artist James Turrell's "The Wolfsburg Project" exhibition. Annette Tietenberg writes about Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, the Grande Dame of psychedelically colored rooms. While Marcel Krenz explores what role trend colors and textures have in contemporary furniture design.

Axel Venn goes into color quite literally in depth - and discusses the dyes, pigments and gloss behind things. Jörg Schmitz discusses on the color of poetry and the oeuvre of artist Franz Mon. And Antonia Henschel reports for us on the 100% Design Tokyo trade-fair, returning with a special photo-story on it.

Moreover, there are as ever countless portraits, found items, products and reviews on current exhibitions. And we are also presenting our very own book, by Markus Frenzl and Antonia Henschel: It contains essays on contemporary design - whereby both the texts themselves and the graphic design are thrilling.

Sign Kommunikation's Antonia Henschel continues to be the hand directing the Magazin's design. And as of December 20 the Stylepark Magazin will also be available from selected newsstands and on subscription.

Order the Stylepark magazine here. (Please notice that the magazine is only in German available.)