Lilies of the valley
in a drying hood
Mona by Lucie Koldová for Brokis
Apr 6, 2014

Glass is Lucie Koldová’s preferred material. The Paris-based Czech designer uses it to conjure up marvelous luminaires full of poetry and a little humor, as is exemplified by “Balloon”, “Muffin” and “Shadow”, all of which she created for Czech luminaire makers Brokis. She loves to work with organic shapes such as water-drops or bubbles, playfully combining the glass with other materials such as metal or wood. “Mona” is the latest design by Koldová, who is now Art Director at Brokis. It is suspended like an upturned glass bowl from two strips on the ceiling, or like the blossoms of a lily of the valley on a curved mount. The colors are cool, monochromatic gray, black, white and purple, but the luminaires are joyfully translucent, and the shimmering lamp inside ensures they catch the eye. Or is Koldová simply leading us up the garden path and has simply designed an illuminated drying hood? (mm)

Brokis c/o Eponimo
Spazio Aspesi via Brera 9

Lilies of the valley or drying hood or luminaire? “Mona“ by Lucie Koldová für Brokis. Photo © Brokis