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Movement at the touch of a button

Linak has developed a control element for height-adjustable desks aimed at preventing one-sided strain on the body. Its success is revealed in a current study.

It’s no secret that spending hours in one position is not good for your health – with negative effects on muscles, metabolism and the cardiovascular system. At work, height-adjustable desks help to reduce time spent sitting down, boosting wellbeing and productivity, but unfortunately they are all too seldom used. The fact that the design can prevent people getting used to unhealthy sitting positions is proven by a current study being carried out in the new office premises of Diamant Software in Bielefeld. The study was initiated by Linak, a manufacturer of electric lift columns for height-adjustable workstations. 

In order to enable a more straightforward design for the operation of the height-adjustable desk, Linak developed the new DPG control element. This permits intuitive adjustment of the table height, with a toggle switch to make it easy to change the position. Up to four different positions can be saved, and users can program in advance how long they should remain in each of these. An LED display on the control element illuminates in orange once the specified time period has elapsed, reminding the user to change their position. Through the integrated Bluetooth function, the reminder can also be displayed on a PC or cell phone via a Desk Control app. Flexible working in a standing position is thus encouraged to optimum effect. The study, which was conducted by the IGR Institute on behalf of Linak, shows that the adjustment function was used considerably more by the office staff: In the particularly relevant area of adjustments over 25 centimeters, 74 percent more sitting-standing activations were recorded. (am)

DPG control element