Muppets in the office
Sep 5, 2016

Images of the Muppets, Emmet, the Lego man and Ursula Andress give it away: These three floors at Swisscom in Zurich are offices with a difference. This is where the employees of Swisscom TV work, and watching television is part of their job, as the big screen in the entrance area of the tenth floor demonstrates. Interior designer Betram Bihler redesigned the three floors in question, installing office furniture from Lista Office LO. He restructured each level, which boasts 460 square meters of floor space and accommodates around 50 employees, creating countless opportunities for formal and informal communication.

The workspaces are clearly laid out with furniture from Lista Office LO. The tables from the LO Motion series are height-adjustable and were supplemented with LO Korpus castor-based containers. The white chosen by the designer creates an elegant and orderly atmosphere and thus a pleasantly neutral setting for office work. The special thing about the three levels, however, are the communication zones, which offer options for meetings ranging from conference rooms to a lounge that is reminiscent of a living room. A room-divider shelf unit, comfortable armchairs, plants and a homely rug provide for a relaxed atmosphere that goes beyond the daily grind and the negotiating table.

Betram Bihler chose to set the so-called “Think Tank” somewhat apart from all else. The colorful cubes offer places to retreat to for a focused discussion or phone call, or for that matter for confidential negotiations. Glass doors and curtains guarantee discretion. These “LO Mindports” from Lista Office LO are therefore also independent from the other office areas in terms of their acoustics, lighting technology and climate control. And with the bright colors that Bihler chose for the “Think Tank” and for some larger cupboards from the LO One series, the bright office spaces gain pleasingly cheerful accents – and then of course there are those Muppet posters. (RW)

In the 460 square meters of office space, Betram Bihler created a variety of areas for meetings. This one is the lounge. Photo © Lista Office LO

For most of the workstations Bihler selected a neutral white for the furniture from Lista Office LO. Photo © Lista Office LO

Film posters and isolated pieces of colored furniture from Lista Office LO add cheerful accents and structure to the space. Photo © Lista Office LO

Various workspace offerings and communication zones shape the previously uninspiring office levels. Simulated model of the Flow Work multi-zone concept from Lista Office LO. Image © Lista Office LO

Bright colors and a high-pile carpet in the meeting room form a striking contrast with the office spaces. Photo © Lista Office LO

The “Mindports” from Lista Office offer the perfect place to retreat to in the otherwise open-plan office spaces. Photo © Lista Office LO

There might even be cookies in the drawers of the LO Container. Photo © Lista Office LO

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