Living chambers

Nils Holger Moormann has devised a box for micro-apartments – you can sleep, work and eat in it or on it, and store your stuff, too. Not a big thing, but the real thing.
by Martina Metzner | 2/27/2017

In conurbations apartments are not just in short supply, they’re expensive and therefore growing ever smaller. So the current talk of the town are “micro-apartments”. Logically, living in a small space calls for smart, practical and flexible solutions. And Nils Holger Moormann blazes the trail; after all, his preference for design pared down to the absolute essentials was abundantly clear in his “Walden” summer house and his “Holzklasse” mobile home. On behalf of the Upper Bavarian Wohnungswirtschafts-Gesellschaft B&O Gruppe Moormann has now come up with a room-in-room concept for a small 41-square-meter apartment in Bad Aibling, which is very charming and witty, and thus typically Moormann.

On the top of the box you can lay relaxed on 1,4 on 2 meters.

Taking its cue from the idea of a “chamber play”, the key living element developed in Chiemgau was a spacious wooden box that considerably extends the room’s use. There’s a bed on top of the box, stairs lead up to it. And round the box, which measures 2 meters by 2.4 meters by 3.3 meters, Nils Holger Moormann has assembled all the key areas a home needs: for eating, working, and relaxing. You can thus fold out a table and, adding chairs, swiftly create a work or eating space. On another side of the box there’s a narrow upholstered couch for comfy relaxation. And this is where there’s a shelf for you to hang up your bike, too. Various crates, drawers and shelves provide storage space, as dos the box’s interior, which can be used as a cupboard and broom cupboard.

The use of the typically Moormann black-coated Multiplex panels in combination with natural pine and the clear lines as well as the fact that the box is positioned at an angle ensure that it does not seem large, and instead playful and pleasant.

Moormann has not only advanced an existing furniture typology, the bunk beds favored in student flats, but has given it a focused, practical and appealing shape. The kitchen and bathroom are in this case not integrated into the box, but are likewise designed by Moormann. 

“Kammerspiel” was developed as a prototype specially for the B&O group but can on request be manufactured in various sizes. And anyone dropping by Bad Aibling is welcome on appointment to view the apartment and the box.

The board can be changed into a folding table.
Couch and shelf invite for a quick pause.
Not all is in the box: Nils Holger Moormann has designed also the the kitchen (left).
In the box there is much space for stowage.
Three times klick and it will be light.
On 41 sqm Nild holger Moormann designed his "Kammerspiel".