Loehr 2021: JAZZ

Courage to improvise: With "JAZZ" LOEHR has a sculptural dining chair in its program that oscillates between order and free expression.

With "JAZZ", the Berlin design label LOEHR makes a new contribution to the typology of the dining room chair. The name is no coincidence, because "JAZZ" is based on a basic rhythmic order, which, analogous to the improvisation in the eponymous musical style, forms the framework for a free design language. "JAZZ" is available in two versions: as a standard model without armrests and as a model with armrests. Here, the characteristic cross of solid wood beams under the seat forms the basis of the chair. In the variant without armrests, it has two front legs that open to the front. In the variant with armrest, the appearance is characterized by a frame rotated by 45°, which melodically breaks the orthogonal order and creates a third rear leg for the armrest due to the rotation. This creates a multilayered readable silhouette, in which a shift occurs analogous to an off-beat, although the rhythmic structure remains the same. "JAZZ" also impresses with its ergonomic qualities, as the wide seat and backrest made of precisely rounded molded plywood offer maximum comfort and plenty of freedom of movement in a wide variety of sitting positions. For both models, LOEHR provides an optional upholstery of the seat surface in different colors, which gives the chairs an additional variety.