A new approach to light

With "Lost" and "Bouquet", BrogliatoTraverso enrich the Magis portfolio with the first light collection and a wireless vase light. Both shapes perfectly translate the philosophy of the Italian family business: they are both unique in design and universal in use.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 11/9/2022

With courage and a love of experimentation, Alberto Brogliato and Federico Traverso have managed to breathe new life into a category in the Magis portfolio: Lighting. After the bird-like light sculptures "Linnut" by Oiva Toikka in 2019, the segment remained dark for the time being until the duo recently put two designs on the table at once: "Lost" and "Bouquet". "We focused our energies on finding a concept that we believe can be the 'Magis vision' in the world of lighting," says BrogliatoTraverso. The "Lost" collection thus consists of a luminous ring that gives an even, warm white and glare-free light. "Lost is a luminaire that lets emptiness become its protagonist, creating an aura, a very subtle and elegant light," say the designers. "Bouquet", on the other hand, is a cordless vase light, flexible in its position as it is surprising in its function. What both luminaires have in common is that their illumination is activated by a gentle touch and can be dimmed for different atmospheres. The interaction of the human being with the lighting fixture via touch is a "cornerstone of both concepts", according to BrogliatoTraverso. "Our design is not the kind of design that produces works of art to be displayed behind a glass.", they add.

In addition to the interaction with people, the luminaires are characterised by a strong identity for which all technical elements are concealed as far as possible in the respective body of the luminaires. "No Time No Space" is what the designers call their creative approach. "It's not about the form or the style, but about breathing life into an object that has a raison d'être because it enriches the design discipline, shows new ways and encourages people to look for new ways," says BrogliatoTraverso. The fact that they do not shy away from the effort involved in a new development off the beaten track is shown by the construction of "Lost" and "Bouquet": extensive research was required to integrate the LED light source into the lampshade of "Lost", which is only two centimetres wide. The solution was provided by coupling LEDs to a flexible support, covered by polymethylacrylate as shader, a thermoplastic that is bent into the right shape by hand. "The architecture of 'Lost' is unusual and experimental for a luminaire, as it is built around an empty space. Technically, more than 1400 LEDs are connected with a flexible foil that is wrapped around the round structure," the designers explain.

"Lost" by BrogliatoTraverso for Magis

"Bouquet", on the other hand, combines the function of wireless table lighting with the possibility of a flower arrangement: two elements can be combined to create the final form, a cylindrical luminaire body and a vase, both made of injection-moulded ABS. Six colours can be selected and combined for "Bouquet". Meanwhile, the complete electronics for "Bouquet" are housed in the base, in such a space-saving way that it still leaves enough room for the body of the vase. The effect of the portable luminaire is special in every respect: flexible, decorative lighting that not only combines two functions in one design, but also ideally highlights the aesthetics of floral table decorations. "Showing a different angle on a project or an unexpected solution is what gives us the most pleasure in our profession," says BrogliatoTraverso.

In addition to a unique design that unmistakably matches the philosophy of Magis, it was important for BrogliatoTraverso to produce as few individual parts per design as possible. In order to make the luminaires repairable and recyclable, no adhesives were used. As a result, "Lost" and "Boquet" are characterised by essential forms that are not attributable to any fashion. "The quiet, elegant objects do not impose themselves, which makes them timeless," say the designers.

"Bouquet" by BrogliatoTraverso for Magis