Stylepark raffle
Don’t fly away!

Stylepark is giving away the iconic luminaire “Lucellino” by Ingo Maurer.

It is quite astonishing: Ingo Maurer transforms a simple light bulb and a piece of wire into something completely different by adding a little pair of wings to the bulb. And suddenly an apparently makeshift construction becomes an object that is both touching and seems to tell a story. The light bulb comes to life – a small creature that wants to fly away, held back only by the wires it is suspended on. Ingo Maurer named his 1992 creation “Lucellino”, a play on words that combines the Italian words for light, “luce”, and “uccellino” (little bird). The luminaire has since become one of his most successful creations.

Everyone who signs up for our newsletter has a chance to win one of these flying objects!

This raffle is unfortunately already finished.